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Egosoft Games, founded 1988, is a German video game company. It is one of the oldest active video game companies in Germany today. Egosoft is best known by the multiplayer online game called 'X Universe'.

Egosoft has a huge number of achievements in the gaming industry based on their long list of titles since 1989. At first working with the platforms Amiga and MS-DOS, Egosoft has evolved enormously and continuously. The 2018 / 2019 X4 game is based on the Linux and Microsoft Windows platforms.

In the 90's Egosoft created several promotional games for International brands like Pepsi, Aquarius, Philip Morris Int. and Peter Stuyvesant. Since 1999 Egosoft has focussed completely on the X Universe series of which X Beyond the Frontier was the first. Here is a complete list of the X titles:

  • 1999 - X Beyond the Frontier
  • 2000 - X Tensions
  • 2003 - X2 The Threat
  • 2005 - X3 Reunion
  • 2008 - X3 Terran Conflict
  • 2011 - X3 Albion Prelude
  • 2013 - X Rebirth
  • 2014 - X Rebirth - The Teladi Outpost
  • 2016 - X Rebirth - Home of Light
  • 2017 - X Rebirth - VR Edition
  • 2018 - X4 Foundations

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