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Oslo, Norway: The Nationalmuseet confirms:
After 50 years of uncertainty the 'Van Gogh' painting is now finally confirmed to be a real 'Van Gogh'.

After comprehensive scientific research he norwegian Nasjonalmuseet (The norwegian national museum) was happy to confirm that the selfportrait from 1889 is a real 'Van Gogh' painting.

Photo: Nasjonalmuseet Oslo Norway. Visit the Nasjonalmuseet website.

Dutch experts from the Amsterdam Van-Gogh Museum Amsterdam have come to the conclusion that this painting has been made by the artist Van Gogh in 1889 and have published their findings in the Burlington Magazine. The colours, style are a true Van Gogh. It must have been the first selfportrait that he has painted after a long period of illness in 1889.
Read more about this on the pages of the norwegian Nasjonalmuseet right here.


Photo: Nasjonalmuseet Oslo Norway. Visit the Nasjonalmuseet website.

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Did you know that in 2021 the Nasjonalmusset will open the largest art museum of the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden and Finland). What a great happening this will be !