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Apparel and merchandise with screen printing

With our Custom Screen Printing and our world wide shipping service we can provide in top quality branded products. We create customized items in small or large quantity depending on your needs. Via our platform your items will be available to your fans.

Awesome merchandise is created with good quality base products. This can be a t-shirt or a hoody, but it can also be a product other than a garment. Together with our partners we create the portfolio of products that fits the needs of their fans.

The produced quantity is held stock in our warehouse and will be shipped to the fan on ordering. If you have any questions on our Custom Screen Printing of merchandise, please contact us. 

The best phone cases

A '2art-phone-case' is premium quality. The material of the raw case & the quality of the image transfer are top of the line. For our phone and iPad cases we offer a world wide shipping service.

There is a huge variety of printing qualities and case qualities available. As a brand and as a designer our partners put much effort in their artwork. The complexity and the finesses within this artwork is often quite high. To avoid any issues when transferring the original image onto a phone case, the quality of the image transfer process must be outstanding. We have invested a lot of time and research into this matter. Thanks to this our results are superb.

With us you will find top quality cases for: Apple, Samsung, LG, Google and Huawei


GamesCom 2019


Game2Art will visit the GamesCom 2019.
The GamesCom 2019 will be held in Cologne Germany from August 20-24.
If you would like to meet us - contact us for an appointment !

At the GamesCom we will meet several business partners and new contacts for our games merchandise platform
We will be speaking with professionals from the Entertainment Games, Edutainment games and eSports business.
If you think our merchandise products and our (high end) print products can be interesting for you as a company and or partner, please feel free to drop us a line and perhaps even meet us at the fair.


Embroidery for apparel

Next to full colour printing and screen printing we also offer apparel with embroidery. Our team is highly experienced and can deliver top quality embroidery on demand and in large quantity.

In combination with a wide range of clothing options we can make sure that the merchandise we create is of the best standing. Shipping of apparel with embroidery is possible world wide per piece or in any requested quantity. 



Save plastics - Eco Shopping Bag


Supermarkets are in the process of ending the usage of plastic bags ... and so should you!
Help the environment a little and bring a re-usable bag with you when you go shopping.
It is SO simple, and it can be FUN.

Just think how much fun it can be using a cool merchandise item of your game, comic or of anything else you like.
Shop with a smile and do some good.

A tote bag can be a small step for you but if we all act the same way it can do a lot of good.
See this example of tote bags with the dutch comic Sisterhood logo and artwork print.