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Collecting information, news, tips and more about all our niche websites. Our Facebook page will provide you with many interesting subjects. is working with a variety of niche market storefronts, game2art, masters2art and comic2art are the first in this line up. We believe in the interactive power of combining the information on all these subjects in one place: Our Facebook page.
At each store front we offer you the focus of finding items within your niche, giving you also the opportunity to find new incentives within that niche. Top quality content provided by the best partners in the business.

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Egosoft Games - X4 series


We are happy to announce our cooperation with one of Germany's most experienced game developing companies: Egosoft Games.

Founded in 1988 Egosoft is most reknown for their space simulator games series 'X-Universe'.

The first title of this series, X - Beyond the Frontier, was released in 1999. 
Having a world wide audience and a large number of fans thanks to the unique setup and superb quality the X-Universe series have developed continuously.

With X4 Foundations, released in 2018, this game shows the power of Egosoft as a game developer.

We will offer new and unique X-Universe merchandise in our Egosoft collections.


Super High End Reproductions


Top Quality World Wide
The 2art portfolio offers fans the unique possibility to order super high end reproductions.

We offer you matt and gloss options with Giclée and Baryta paper. Thanks to a unique super high end production process that also works for musea world wide we can offer you the Best of the Best. Really!
A product that will make us all proud. The designer who created the artwork, The Fan who will have the luxury of having a product that is quality certified and can last between 50 and 300 years and last but not least us. We are so proud to offer you these options!

We are absolutely certain that by adding this solution we are unique. If you would like your brand or your artwork to be availbable to your fans in the best way possible. Then this is it. Talk to us and join in.

U.K. game industry market outselling music and video combined


The U.K. video game market is the largest in Europe. Contributing a huge number. 1.96 billion USD to the British GDP in the year 2017. In 2018 the U.K. games market accounted for more than half of the entire entertainment market of the U.K. With 51.3% is was outselling both the music and video business combined. A first!

The market generated USD 5.05 billion in Sales in the U.K.
Within the U.K. there are 2.200+ registered companies from small up to internationally reknown. We expect this to be ever growing and blooming.


Rembrandtjaar 2019 - opening of the dutch Rembrandt year

Celebrating the 350th anniversary of the passing of Rembrandt van Rijn, The Netherlands will pay much attention to one of the most famous artists ever.

Rembrandt Hermanszoon van Rijn (Leiden, 15 juli 1606 - Amsterdam, 4 oktober 1669) wordt met een reeks aan exposities en evenementen herdacht. Diverse musea in Nederland werken samen om een zo compleet mogelijk beeld te geven van zijn werken.

Vandaag, woensdag 30 Januari 2019, opent Prinses Beatrix het themajaar 'Rembrandt en de Gouden Eeuw' in het Mauritshuis te Den Haag.
Het Mauritshuis toont voor het eerst zijn volledige collectie Rembrandt als één tentoonstelling. Vanaf Februari zal het Nederlandse Rijksmuseum ook alle in eigen collectie aanwezige werken van Rembrandt in één tentoonstelling tonen. Een waar unicum!


Reproducties en merchandise van Rembrandt van Rijn bestelt u hier direct bij Masters2Art.