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Printed Comic Sisterhood Cosplay

Printed Comic Sisterhood Cosplay

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Sisterhood printed comic: Cosplay

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Full Colour printed on 115 gr paperstock | 40 pages | Action/Adventure | Rated Teen+

In 1917, a mysterious adventurer (Rand) enters a pyramid In British Colonial Egypt. There he opens the Cauldron of Khepri. The spirits of ancient priestesses are released, resurrecting mummies all over the world who were devoted to an embodiment of the Goddess of Justice and Truth. Five years later, the mummies form the Sisterhood of the Mummy, a spiritual order to help the truth and justice against the unordinary. They are cop, judge, juror and executioner defending the world. The order live in an underground base with technology beyond human knowledge. They are led by the adventurer, the Mother-Supreme and the remains of an egyptian god whose soul is being used as software for a supercomputer.
CREATOR, PLOT: Richard Boom
STORY: Victor Kruithof
PENCILER: Diego Magno Loiola
COLORIST: Kevin Enhart
EDITORS: Richard Boom, Markus von Renthe-Fink
CONTINUITY EDITOR: Markus von Renthe-Fink
LOGO DESIGN: Art Grafunkel


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