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Think Planet

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With our company, our team and working with our suppliers we strive to reduce our environmental impact. By improving and finetuning our manufacturing processes, by choosing eco-friendly materials and by minimizing transportation distances where possible, we ensure that our efforts and products are as eco-friendly as possible.

Eco Friendly manufacturing processes.
Where ever possible we will choose eco friendly manufacturing processes and we will discuss this subject with our suppliers. Working with the newest and most sophisticated machinery we will reduce the footprint of our products. 

Choosing Eco Friendly materials.
For we have a wide range of products it depends strongly on the product itself. Most products are a mix of several materials or printing is added to a product. Both concerning the basic product as well as concerning the printing ink materials we consult our suppliers and look for the most Eco Friendly solutions.

Minimizing transportation distances.
Many of our products are on-demand produced or on-demand finished products. The first ecological benefit is that we minimize stock and thus overproduction of any goods. This reduces waste. For many of our products we have production facilities on mulitple continents. Meaning that when a customer orders a product to be delivered to the USA, we produce on that continent. When a product is to be delivered in Europe we produce in Europe. The same principle is implemented for Australia. All this depends on the product. In some cases we are bound to one specific production facility and then we will have to ship long distance but this is rather the exception then the rule.

Products that can help the environment.
Some products are in their own nature 'good for the environment'. A fine example is the shopping bag or tote bag. Supermarkets are in the process of reducing or ending the usage of plastic bags in order to help minimize pollution world wide. A cotton shopping bag as we have it in our webstore would be an excellent replacement for the usual plastic bag. Just order one and bring it with you when you go for your next groceries. That is eco friendly the easy way!
You can find it here on our 'games & comics products page' or on our 'masters products page'


... we will keep on looking for possibilties to optimize our eco friendly actions.